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Vidya Bhushan Kumar,IFS
Chief Vigilance Officer

Dear Friends,

In my previous address, I dwelt upon the need for holistic approach to integrity management in our company and also shared the framework to achieve it. One of the main points highlighted was that an effective resolution of ethical dilemma in daily official work is the building block for developing sound and robust ethical management framework and organizational integrity.

2. I am very delighted to share that we could initiate a training program on resolving ethical dilemmas at workplace, named PRAYAAS. I would like that this program is institutionalized by integrating it into the regular training program or calendar of the company. I am confident that this program has the potential to create a significant positive impact in ethical management not only in our company, but also in other central Public Sector Organizations of our country.

3. I would like to share my views on this year’s theme of Vigilance Awareness Week, which is aptly selected as “Integrity – A Way of Life” . I am of the considered view that Integrity of an employee is the basic building block of a wholesome vigilance architecture of an organization. If we address this core element, other issues like preventive or punitive vigilance measures would largely be taken care of.

4. In a simple way, living with integrity means being true to one’s value system, being true to one’s moral purpose of life and following it consistently in all situations, whatever may be the consequences. It means one can move on in life with nothing to hide and fear. So it requires self-discipline and courage to consistently demonstrate and stand up for one’s sound moral and ethical principles in every situations whatever may be the consequences.

5. Integrity has 3 dimensions. The first dimension, it requires internal alignment where one’s thought has to align to one’s core values. The value system should be based on sound moral principles and should serve societal interests than only serving one’s self interest. In the second dimension, one’s actions and behavior should align with one’s thoughts and values. Finally, in the third dimension, a perception of integrity is created where one does not leave one’s action to be interpreted in other ways. In simple ways the main characters of integrity is exhibited by the following:

  • They say what they do and do what they say.
  • They communicate openly and honestly.
  • They inspire and build healthy relationships.
  • They are trusted, respected and honored.
  • Admit mistakes and learn from their mistakes.
  • Stand up for one’s belief and support others.
  • Acquire self- respect and inner peace and give immense satisfaction as ones lives for a cause greater than oneself.
  • Generate compassion and sympathy.

6. Integrity is the core character of a person which makes not only his personal life valuable but also that of an organization of which he is member. Our experiences show that apart from society a man of integrity is immensely valued in the business world too.

7. Generally, Integrity stems and develops through religious beliefs, formative experiences in family and society and through personal efforts in setting up self-goals and purpose in life. Role of organization culture and peer group at workplace are also significantly important in developing, shaping and reinforcing one’s integrity.

8. The basic steps, which one can take by themselves to follow the path of integrity are:

  • Keep one’s promises with oneself and others irrespective of hardship and consequences.
  • Help others. ‘I am because we are’ attitude should prevail.
  • Develop positive habits.
  • Make better choices by having a clear vision or purpose.
  • Always do right whatever may be result.

9. Being a person of integrity is not easy. It requires lot of courage and conviction to one’s set values system. At times, a person may face backlash through peer groups, community or society. In our workplace where we try to maintain a ‘please all’ policy standing up for one’s beliefs and morals can be tough. A person of integrity has to strongly believe in a value system to be confident enough to stand up in the face of opposition. It requires consistent support and reinforcement by family and organization too.

10. Although BEML has made provisions for code of conduct and conflict of interest for Board Members as per statutory requirements, but these provisions are not enough to make it happen and impact the organization culture. It needs to be percolated deep in the organization both in terms of reach and more importantly in terms of putting into practice.

11. Value is not what stated or preached but what is practiced. One of the ways to ensure that values are practiced is through regular training. So, if we want to develop integrity and evolve towards integrated ethical management framework; then it is imperative to include ethical dilemma and that of integrity development into regular training program and calendar of the company. We need to create an Ethics Eco-System, where Integrity becomes core to all processes and systems. Only then our organization will develop holistically.

12. The movement “PRAYAAS” aims to develop the inner awareness of ethical values among all employees in the business context. With the successful launch and high level of acceptance by BEMLians, this 3 level initiative aims to have the self ownership (PRAYAAS), development of role models and coaches (MERA PRAYAAS) and make the INTEGRITY as a way of life across the company as HUMARA PRAYAAS. In this journey, the responsibility of maintaining integrity is not confined to one or two departments only. All employees would be aware of the principles of ethics, understand the immense benefits of the same and visibly practice the same. Fundamentals of PRAYAAS should be communicated and integrated in every Induction and training programme, review meetings, communications and strategy meets. I feel that active support of top leadership is very crucial in sustaining this program.

Let this year’s theme of Vigilance Awareness Week; Integrity – A Way of Life, be celebrated in true spirit for making vigilance a wholesome response in making our country corruption free and develop it as a strong nation.