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Test Facilities

Fluid Power Laboratory                                                                                                                                                       << Go Back
  • Pump test rig - Max. pr. 350 kg/cm2
  • Motor test rig - Max. pr. 350 kg/cm2
  • Control valve test facility - Max. pr.350 kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic cylinder test facility - 350 kg/cm2
  • Hose test facility-Max. pro 350 kg/cm2
Powerline Laboratory

Powerline Laboratory was established by BEML at its R&D centre in KGF, in 1989. It has extensive facilities for evaluating transmissions, axles, torque converters and other gear drives. The following test rigs are available

  • Axle/ Transaxle Testing from power range of 50 - 1200 kW
  • Transmission Testingfrom power range of 50 - 900 kW
  • Engine Testing
  • Spur & Helical Gear Testing
  • Clutch & Brake Test Rig
  • Calibration Services
Structural Engineering Laboratory

The structural engineering laboratory established in 1987 is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in fatigue testing, experimental stress analysis using strain gauge technique. The laboratory is involved in testing, evaluation and validation of structural components.

The following facilities are available

Fatigue Testing : This laboratory is equipped with computer controlled servo hydraulic fatigue testing system to carryout fatigue test on various structural components. The tests are conducted using linear actuators of ± 500kN capacity and using rotary actuators of ± 16kNm on a specially built strong floor of size 10m x 20m.

Material Science Laboratory

The Material Science laboratory was set up in 1987 for testing and analysis of materials to aid chemical, mechanical and micro structure studies. The following facilities are available

  • Atomic absorption Spectrometer for determination of Ferrous material chemistry (up to 43 elements)
  • Analysis of chemical composition of metals and non-metals
  • Evaluation of mechanical properties of metals and non-metals
  • Material micro structure study
Vehicle Testing Group

Dedicated team for performance and durability evaluation of equipment has been formed and is equipped with facilities for carrying out test as per relevant National and International standards.

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