12.12.2023   Appointment of Government Nominee Director

01.08.2023   Shri Shantanu Roy assumed the charge as Chairman & Managing Director on the Board

21.07.2023   Appointment of Chairman & Managing Director on the Board

05.07.2023   Resignation of Director (Human Resource)

17.02.2023    Appointment of Director (Mining & Construction Business)

20.01.2023    Cessation of Independent Director

28.10.2022    Cessation of Director (Mining & Construction)

01.09.2022    Change in Company Secretary

17.06.2022    Declaration of Voting Results

18.05.2022    Advertisement of Postal Ballot Notice

17.05.2022    Notice of Postal Ballot

12.05.2022    Intimation regarding Postal Ballot

23.03.2022    Appointment of Director (Finance)

28.12.2021    Update of Change in Effective Date of Appointment of Independent Director

24.12.2021    Appointment of Independent Directors

08.11.2021    Appointment of Govt. Nominee Director

27.08.2021    Appointment of CMD

10.08.2021    Cessation of Independent Director

09.04.2021    Cessation of Director (Finance)

01.02.2021    Cessation of CMD

13.01.2021    Resignation of Director (Finance)

01.11.2020    Cessation of Director (Human Resources)

09.10.2020    Appointment of Director (Rail & Metro)

29.07.2020    Appointment of Govt. Nominee Director

01.07.2020    Cessation of Director (Rail & Metro)

01.06.2020    Appointment / Cessation of Director (Defence)

24.01.2020    Appointment of Independent Director

02.12.2019    Cessation of IDs

28.11.2019    Appointment of Director (Human Resources)

12.07.2019    Appointment of Independent Director

01.06.2019    Appointment of Director (Mining & Construction Business)

28.02.2019    Change in Director on the Board of BEML

29.11.2018    Appointment of Director (Rail & Metro)

23.11.2018    Reappointment of IDs

13.08.2018    Appointment of ID

13.06.2018    Withdrawn of Nomination

Company Reply on Clarification

31.05.2018    Appointment of Govt. Nominee Director

10.05.2018     Appointment of Director (Finance)

02.11.2017     Retirement of Director (Rail & Metro Business)

19.10.2016     Appointment of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Company Reply on Clarification

01.07.2016    Appointment of CMD

06.06.2016    Appointment of Govt. Nominee Director

03.05.2016    Resignation of Director (Finance)

30.03.2016    Withdrawn of Nomination

01.03.2016    Appointment of D(D)

01.02.2016    Appointment of D(M&C)

11.12.2015    Appointment of ID

08.12.2015    Appointment of IDs