R&D at Bangalore Complex was established during 1979-80 with an objective to be self-sufficient with regard to design & development of new products.  Over the years, a number of products have been designed, developed and productionized to meet the requirements of Indian Railways and various Metro corporations.

R&D team is very well established and has acquired the domain skill sets / technology over the years. Expert teams are built-up for various systems  like Carbody & Structures, Bogie and Vehicle dynamics, Brake, interiors / outfitting aggregates, propulsion, vehicle control circuit, communication, train management, system integration & interfacing.  

Computer simulation and Analysis techniques are used extensively, to optimize the design and reduce the development cycle time.

Head of R&D

Bangalore Complex
BEML Limited,
New Thippasandra Post,
Bangalore - 560 075.
Karnataka, INDIA


Design & Analysis 

  • Product Definition / Conceptualization
  • Digital prototyping
  • Detailed Design
  • Carbody/shell structure
  • Stainless steel Structures and frames
  • Engine & Transmission Integration
  • Interior and Exterior design
  • Engineering of system Aggregates
  • Brake system
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic system
  • Bogie System
  • Electrical and propulsion system
  • VehicleControl circuits
  • Train control Management system
  • System Engineering and Interfacing
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Finite element analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Value engineering
  • Crash & Impact analysis
  • NVH analysis
  • Computational Fluid dynamics
  • Optimization studies
Technical Documentation
  • Product and simulation Data Management
  • Drafting
  • Legacy data Migration
  • Illustrated / Interactive Manuals (Parts catalogue, Shop / service manuals, Operational and Maintenance manuals)
  • Animated assembly & dis-assembly procedures
  • Computer Based Training
Development & Testing
Development & Testing:
  • Carbody Integrity test
  • Fatigue testing of structure
  • Bogie Testing (Including Vehicle level testing)
  • Factory, Depot and Main Line test (as per IEC61133)
  • EMI/EMC Testing
  • Service trials


  • High End Computing Servers.
  • High End ISV Certified workstations for CAD/CAE Applications.
  • Dedicated Network Connectivity.
  • FTP Servers
  • Large format printing systems and scanners
Software Facilities
  • CAD(2D/3D) – CATIA V 5, Pro-E Wildfire/Creo, Auto CAD & Solid Works
  • FEM – IMPLICIT ANALYSIS  - MSC Nastran, Abaqus, Hypermesh, Ansys
  • FATIGUE – FE Fatigue, LMS Durability
Development & Testing

Products developed by R & D

for Non-Metro


Stainless Steel EMU
  • Electric Multiple Unit with Austenitic Stainless steel car body was designed and developed for first time in the country.
  • The interiors of the coach are aesthetically designed with contemporary styling.
  • The EMUs are running in Eastern and Southern railways.
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Maintenance Vehicle

a. Overhead Equipment Maintenance (8 Wheeler & 4 Wheeler for BG & SG track)

  • Used for periodic inspection, patrolling, maintenance and to attend sites of breakdown of overhead equipment on electrified rail routes.
  • Self-propelled 4 and 8 Wheeled Overhead Equipment Maintenance Vehicle have been indigenously designed and developed for IR and Metro Corporation
  • Both Broad gauge and standard gauge versions have been designed and developed.
8W OHE (Further details “Click here”)4W OHE(Further details “Click here”)
CMV(BG) (Further details “Click here”)CMV(SG) 

b. Utility Track Vehicle

  • UTV is a track maintenance vehicle used for handling rails, sleeper & other construction material.
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  • Used for lying of pre-assembled track panels using hydraulically operated Angle grippers.
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  • Used for spoil disposal from ballast cleaning machine during screening of ballast.
  • Discharge of spoil into wagon on accident track or lorry by side of track on the slope of the formation.
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Freight and Special Purpose Wagons
Freight and Special purpose Wagons

a. Aluminum Wagon

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b. Stainless Steel Wagon

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c. Wagons for Defence

BOMN Wagon (Further details “Click here”)BRSTN Wagon (Further details “Click here”)
BFAT Wagon (Further details “Click here”)BWTB Wagon (Further details “Click here”)
Passenger Coaches
  • Passenger coaches for export to countries like Bangladesh and Srilanka were designed and developed.
Bangladesh Railways Srilankan Railways
Treasury Van
  • Used for carrying currency by Reserve Bank of India.
  • High security coach with provision of smoke detector, Intercom facility & Bullet proof lining for security compartments.

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Products developed by R & D

 for Metro

Standard Gauge Metro Cars for Jaipur Metro
  • First indigenously designed & developed metro train sets by BEML.
  • Train formation DT+M+M+DT.

Broad Gauge Intermediate Metro Cars for Delhi Metro
  • Intermediate units were designed and developed  by BEML for converting 4-car train to 6 car/ 8 car trains.
  • On successful completion of  developmental project, further  order of 136 intermediate cars were received and executed.

Broad Gauge Metro Cars for Delhi Metro
  • Intermediate units were designed and developed  by BEML for converting 4-car train to 6 car/ 8 car trains.
  • Following systems were upgraded/introduced in the new train sets.
    • Higher acceleration propulsion system.
    • Energy efficient LED interior lighting.
    • CCTV

Standard Gauge Metro Cars for Delhi Metro
  • Intermediate units and complete train sets were designed and developed by BEML for converting 4-car train to 6 car trains.

Standard Gauge Metro Cars for Kolkata East-West Corridor
  • Train formation DMC-TC-MC-MC-TC-DMC
  • 750V DC Third rail top collection.
  • Max Speed 80 kmph.
Intermediate Cars for Bengaluru Metro
  • Intermediate units consisting of MC+MC+TC
  • To enhance existing 3 car train to 6 car
  • 750V DC Third rail bottom collection
  • Max speed 80 kmph.

Maintenance Vehicle
8-Wheeled Diesel Electric Tower Car (8W-DETC )
  • Used for periodic inspection, patrolling, maintenance and to attend sites of breakdown of overhead equipment on electrified rail routes.
  • Underslung mounted twin power packs, each consisting of Diesel engine coupled to AC Generator. Each power pack drives two traction motor in each bogies.


Granted due to R&D efforts

  • Catenary Maintenance Vehicle