BEML – Truck division, one of the manufacturing divisions of BEML Limited is situated in the North-East of Mysuru city – on the way to KRS from Mysuru-Hunsur Road – at about 13 KMs from the City. The total area of the factory is 452 acres and having a township of 108 acres near the Factory (about 3 KMs) housing about 200 families. The factory is about 774 meters above the mean sea level.

The division commenced its production from July 1985 and assembled 170 dumpers during 1985-86 with a Value of Production of Rs.53 Crores. Today the division   increased its turnover manifold and has grown into a high technology production center with addition of Defence, Aerospace and Dredging equipment & components. The division has also widened its mining & construction product portfolio to include motor graders, water sprinklers, weapon loading equipment, aircraft towing trucks apart from varieties of dump trucks.

Head of Truck Division

Mysore Complex

BEML Limited
Belavadi Post,
Mysore – 570 018  Karnataka, INDIA


Major Facilities

The division is having two assemble hangers, Plate & Fabrication shop Hangers, Machine shop and Stores hangers involved in production of Dumpers from 35 Tons to 100 Tons capacity, and range of Motor Graders and Water Sprinklers.

Some of the major facilities of the division are –
  • Welding Robot – to carry out accurate and continuous welding of major structures of Dumpers.
  • CNC Flame cutting machines, Hydraulic Press brakes –  to cut & bend Steel plates to meet manufacturing requirements.
  • Spinner Jigs –  to carry out full welding of Frames
  • Shot blasting facility – to perform shot-blasting operations on fabricated structures to provide good surface finish and make it free from rust.
  • CNC Boring machines – for accurate machining of big structures like Axle structures.

The products currently being manufactured in the division are – 
  • Dumpers – 35 ton to 100 ton capacity. (BH35-2, BH60M, BH100)
  • Motor graders – 4 varieties – BG825 – for mining application, BG605 I/A, BG405A – For construction segment.
  • Water Sprinklers – 28,000 Liter& 70,000 Liters capacity

New developments:
  • BH150E – Electric Dump Truck proto produced.
  • BH205E – Electric Dump Truck under trials.

Manufacturing Facilities

Details of Mysore Complex


Land area (Factory + Township+ Near Infosys)

559.62 Acres


Total Built up Area

644626.11 sqm


List of infrastructure


a. Equipment Division

304.27 Acres

33 Buildings


b. Engine Division


19 Buildings


c.Marketting& Others

148.125 Acres  

16 Buildings


d. Town ship

103.77 Acres

19 blocks


e. Land near Infosys

3.44 Acres


f. Other properties at Mysuru city

3 Buildings (beml house, Guest house &AppartmentJlpuram


g. Total No. of Machines

163 Machines


h. Connected Load

10440 KW


i. Contract Demand

2000 KVA


j. Green energy Concept

Sapling of 4.68 Lakhs  plants, Development of Gardens.Vermi compost , Rainwater  harvesting . Ponds and one lake at town ship


k. Renewable energy

200Kwp Solar power plant Truck & Engine Divn.