Need Assessment

Selection and Employment of Consultants:

Circular No. 08/06/11 File No. 011/VGL/063 Dtd: 24th Jun 2011

Measures to curb the menace of Counterfeit and Refurbished IT Products:

Circular No. 07/02/08 file No. 007/CRD/008 Dated the 15th Feb 2008

Use of Products with Standard Specifications:

Circular No. 14/4/07 file No. 98/VGL/25 dtd 14th Apr 2017

Turnkey Contracts for Net-Working of Computer Systems:

Office Order No. 69/11/04 file No 004/ORD/8 dtd 3rd Nov 2004

Appointment of Consultants:

Office Memorandum No. OFF 1 CTE 1 dtd 25th Nov 2002

Planning For Procurement

Back to back tie up by PSUs:

Office Memorandum No. 06-03-02-CTE-34 20th Oct 2003

Common Irregularities/Lapses observed in Stores/Purchase Contracts and guidelines for improvement in the Procurement System:


Requirement Specifications

Transparency in Tendering System:

Office Order No. 72/12/04 file No. 004/ORD/9dtd 10th Dec 2004

Mobilisation Advance:

Circular No. 02/02/11 File No 01-11-CTE-SH-100 dtd 17th Feb 2011

Mobilisation Advance:

No. 5/5/08 File No. 4CC-1-CTE-2 dtd 5th Feb 2008

Notice Inviting Tenders – Regarding:

Office Order No. 15/3/05 file No No. OFF-1-CTE-1(Pt) V dtd 24th Mar 2005

Mobilisation Advance:

Office Memorandum No. 4CC-1-CTE-2 dtd 8th Jun 2004

Grant of Interest free mobilisation advance:

Office Memorandum No. UU/POL/19 dtd 8th Oct 1997

Procedural Requirements

Adoption of Integrity Pact (IP):

Circular No. 28/09/2018 file No. 007 VGL 033 dtd 28/09/2018

Adoption of Integrity Pact – Revised SOP:

Circular No . 02/01/2017 File No. 015/VGL/091 dtd 13/01/2017

Guidelines for compliance to Quality requirements of e-Procurement Linked Document:

Circular No. 01/01/2012 File No 010/VGL/035/161731 dtd 12th Jan 2012

Leveraging of Technology for Improving Vigilance administration in the National e-governance plan:

Circular No. 23/06/010 File No. 010/VGL/035 dtd 23th Oct 2010

Integrity Pact – Selection and Recommendations of IEMs:

Circular No. 17/04/10 file No. 009/VGL/016 dtd 19th Apr 2010

Adoption of Integrity Pact – Periodical Regarding:

Circular No. 22/08/09 file No. 008/CRD/013 dtd 11th Aug 2009

Adoption of Integrity Pact (SOP) – Reg. Integrity Pact (Revised):

Circular No. 10/5/09 file No. 008/CRD/013dtd 18th May 2009

Referring cases of procurement to Commissions:

Circular No. 22/07/08 file No.008 /CRD/008 dtd 24th July 2008

Adoption of Integrity Pact in major Government Procurement Activities Modified Integrity Pact:

Circular No. 18/05/08 File No. 008/VGL/001 dtd 19th May 2008

Referring cases of procurement to Commissions:

Circular No. 22/07/08 File No 008 /CRD/008 dtd 24th July 2008

Adoption of Integrity Pact in major Government Procurement Activities:

Office Order No. 43/12/07 File No 007/VGL/033 dtd 28th Dec 2007

Adoption of Integrity Pact in major Government Procurement Modified Integrity Pact:

Office Order No. 41/12/07 File No 007/VGL/033 dtd 04th Dec 2007

Undertaking by the Members of Tender Committee/Agency:

Office Order No. 71/12/05 File No. 005/VGL/66 dtd 9th Dec 2005

Improving Vigilance Administration:

Office Order No. 98/ORD/1 dtd 18th Dec 2003